About the Freedom programme

The Freedom programme is a recognized domestic abuse awareness course devised by Pat Craven.  Over 10 weeks the course will support you to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of abuse and increase your ability to recognize the early working signs of abusive behaviour within your relationships.  Women access this course for a variety of reasons and maybe or may not be currently in an abusive/unhealthy relationship.

It is designed to 

  • Help women understand the behaviour patterns and beliefs held by abusive people.  Once those patterns are recognised women can examine which of these beliefs they may have shared
  • Explain how domestic abuse can affect children
  • Help women recognise potentially abusive people
  • Help women get rid of the idea they are always in the wring
  • Build self esteem
  • Improve self confidence and quality of life

How does the course work

The course takes place in a supportive and friendly environment, and this maybe online using Zoom.  There is no pressure to talk if you do not want to you can just sit and listen.

Each week we discover a different character or persona and discuss a number of techniques used by that character.  The two main characters are the dominator (abusive partner) and the friend (healthy partner) and each have a number of personas.

The dominators personas include:

  • The bully
  • The bad father
  • The effects on children
  • The headworker
  • The jailor
  • The sexual controller
  • The king of the castle
  • The liar and persuader

What next

All our courses are free. If you want to attend the course/refer someone to the course contact the community team on 01267 238410  Option 2  who will register you for the course and give you details on dates and times.  Alternatively please email [email protected]