A safety plan can help protect and increase the safety of yourself and any children you are responsible for. Having a plan is very useful if you are living with abuse or if you are thinking about leaving an abusive situation.

Remember that you are not responsible for the abuse and only the abuser can stop the violent or abusive behaviour.

Tips for Keeping Safe

  • Tell someone you trust about your situation and get them to keep an eye on you.  Have a Safe word.  If they are a neighbour ask them to call the police if they here a violent attack
  • Identify a safe space within the house that you can go to if you feel unsafe.  Avoid kitchen or garage or any room you might get trapped
  • Teach your children to dial 999 in an emergency and what they would need to say (for example, their full name, address and telephone number).
  • Plan how you may respond in different situations including crisis or emergency.  Ask for support. 
  • Pack an emergency bag for yourself and the children and hide it somewhere safe and with someone you trust
  • Keep your  important documents such as Driving Licence, passports, benefit and medical information safe and keep a small amount of money on you in case you need to leave in an emergency
  • Have an escape plan in place in case you need to leave immediately
  • Keep your mobile phone with you, charged with important numbers on speed dial
  • Keep a record of unwanted contact or abuse and includes times and how you felt.  (Only do this if you can keep it safe!)

Remember in an emergency phone 999