What is The Own My Life Course

It is an innovative, creative, educational 12· week course for women developed by Natalie Collins.

The course enables women to regain ownership of their lives alter they have been in a relationship with someone who has hurt them.

The course facilitator will provide a caring, supportive and safe space for women to meet together and do the course.  It is really Interactive with lots of short videos, quizzes, and discussion. Each woman receives the Own My Story journal which has all the ideas, key concepts and content from the course with space for reflection and notes.

Who is it for?

Women who are dealing with a:

  • Difficult relationship
  • Nightmare ex partner
  • Horrible break up
  • Controlling partner or ex

To attend an online course, women must have separated (and living separately from) the partner who hurt them

Why is the course needed?

Lots of women are hurt badly in relationships.  This impacts them and their children dramatically and in long-lasting ways.  The Own My Life Course helps women to make sense of what has been done to them and gives them the skills to move forward.  The course helps women to discover what their strengths are and how they can move forward with their lives.

"You've got all these people who think you're silly for going back or staying with him and this course helps you to know why and know that you're normal"    A course participant

Course Delivery & Content

The 12 week programme is designed to be interactive, with lots of short videos, quizzes and discussion.  The course uses multimedia content to explain complex concepts about trauma and abuse in easy-to-understand video clips, along with videos that explore themes such as disrespect in relationships, abusive behaviour, sexism and misogyny.

The course explores how women can regain ownership of their lives including owning our mind, body, choices, relationships, world, feelings.

The Own My Story journal provides women with space for reflective practice, and includes all the information provided throughout the course.  This becomes an ongoing resource for women after the course has finished.

How to find out More

To make an enquiry for yourself or someone else, take part in an introductory session please contact us on 01267 238410 Option 2 or email us on [email protected]