About the course

This 10 week course is run in a supportive, friendly environment by one of our support team. It is designed for women who are no longer in an abusive relationship. This course runs with a closed group which means that after two weeks no one new women can join and they will have to wait until another course is run.  

Each week there is a different session with topics such as

  • Well-being and coping strategies
  • Self- esteem and the power of positive self talk
  • Grief, anger, assertiveness and conflict
  • Negative automatic thinking
  • Boundary setting
  • Goal setting 


  • Only women who are no longer in an abusive relationship can access the course. 
  • Women who are currently receiving counselling are also unable to join the course. 

The course is based on cognitive behavior therapy which can conflict with certain counselling techniques. It was designed by Sue Penna at Rockpool Throughout the course we see such dramatic changes in the way participant think and act that it would be risky for someone to attend who is currently in an abusive relationship.