Sexual abuse is any sort of sexual contact against your will or without consent. Sexual abuse can happen to anyone

Sexual abuse by a partner/intimate can include:

  • Sexual insults or taunting, calling you sexual names
  • Insisting on sexual acts which make you feel degraded or humiliated
  • Using pressure, threats or violence to make you take part in sex
  • Deliberately causing unwanted physical pain during sex
  • Forcing you to have sex after a physical assault
  • Using objects, toys, or other items without consent and to cause pain or humiliation
  • Sexual acts when you can’t consent because sleeping or drunk
  • Tying you up or other bondage/S&M when you haven’t willingly agreed or ignoring agreed limits or safe words if you have
  • Refusal to use contraception
  • Deliberately passing on sexual diseases or infections
  • Forcing you to watch pornography
  • Forcing you to have sex with other people
  • Forcing you to work as a prostitute

Sexual assault and rape are crimes, even if you are married or in a relationship with the abuser. You have the right to say no to anything you feel uncomfortable with or to stop during sex

Information on Consent

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