Coercive control is a pattern of behaviour by someone you are personally connected with that is designed to control, create dependency and to dominate.  An abuser will use various means and behaviours to establish control.   The abuser will often use the victim’s vulnerabilities and fears to exert control. The victim will be consistently micro managed by the abuser.

Coercion is gradual and happens over time as the relationship develops. Some behaviours may seem attentive and thoughtful; the intent is not to be considerate and thoughtful but to control.  Over time unwritten rules are made and the victim will fear the consequence if those rules are broken.

Coercion is like brainwashing, over time the victims voice is replaced with the abusers voice, needs wants and requests; it destroys self-worth, confidence and belief in own opinions, boundaries, beliefs and values.  As a result, victims do not believe they are being abused, manipulated and controlled.

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