In an emergency dial 999 – if you are unable to talk use the Silent Solution press 55, this tells the operator you can’t talk but need help.

  • Keep your mobile charged and with you at all times
  • Reverse into your drive or park your car facing the exit to your street
  • Keep contact details for other services handy like doctors, your children’s school and hospitals

If you have children

  • Get them to identify a safe space in the house that they can escape too
  • Teach them how to phone 999 and what they need to say including giving their name, address and telephone number
  • Rehearse an escape plan with them so in an emergency they know how you can all get away, you could use a code word to signal this

Your community, family & friends

  • If there are neighbours you trust, ask them to phone the police if they hear disturbing noises coming from your house. 
  • Come up with a code word to text your friends, neighbours or families to signal you need them to phone the police in an emergency
  • Make sure your children know the code word if they need to leave

People who can help