On Board - Support with the Personal Touch

Children and Young People are unique and individual and are impacted differently by domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can be confusing, frightening and is traumatic. Some may react and internalise their experiences which means they may be anxious or depressed, have flashbacks or night terrors, they may not want to go to school or have difficulty forming relationships.  Others may display negative external behaviours and may be disruptive, be angry, hurt themselves or others or be anti social.

These behaviours happen because of the trauma that is domestic abuse.  An On Board specialist child/young person worker understands this and will take time to get to know the child/young person, build trust and support them to address the consequences of domestic abuse.  They will help them to develop safety strategies, distinguish between emotions and behaviours, how to recognise anger and manage it.  Most of all they will be a safe person to offload to.

As part of the support we will raise awareness about the causes of domestic abuse, what a healthy relationship looks like and feels like and the role of media in reinforcing unhealthy beliefs.  We will support the child/young person to recognise their strengths and help them with their ambitions.

On Board with Activities

It is important that children and young people have opportunity to access a range of "fun" activities that provide escape from trauma and also help to build resilience, skills, confidence and help them open their minds to see the world through a different lens.

What Next

If you are a parent/carer or child you can access support by contacting our Children & Young People Team on 01267 238410 Option 3

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