Show your support to end violence against women and girls by taking the #16Days Challenge

Why Take the Challenge?

25th November marks the International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women and Girls and is followed by 16 days of activism.

During the past year, the news has been littered with stories of violence and abuse against women.  For every 3 women you know, 1 will experience violence in their lifetime.  This is both sad and unjust.  Show your support to end this violence and change the way your community thinks about violence against women and girls.

How do I get involved?

We are simply asking to pick a challenge, any challenge – do it between the 25th November 2021 White Ribbon Day and during the 16 Days of Activism ending on 10th December 2021.

You can choose to do something 16 times or do something once a day for 16 days.

All we ask is that you upload a photo, share your challenge on social media and tag us in.  Tell us

I pledge my support to end violence against women and girls #AllMenCan #YouAreNotAlone #16Days #Mid&WestWales

What type of Challenge?

You could do anything, you could do it once a day for 16 days or do something 16 times.  Some examples could be:-

  • Walk, run or cycle 16 miles or do 1 mile a day for 16 days
  • Do 16 minutes of exercise – planks, burpees, star jumps or dance!
  • If you are a team - show support by dedicating a training session to #16Days
  • Create 16 drawings or make 16 cards
  • Bake 16 cakes over the 16 days
  • Make 16 meals from scratch
  • Share 16 empowering phrases on your socials
  • Carry out another activity you love or hate for 16 days.
  • Quit sugar (or something else) for 16 days

Download the Instructions here