What is Floating Support

Sir Gar Floating Support is a partnership between Threshold DAS, CarmDAS and Calan DVS to provide a community based service which is available to people who have or are experiencing abuse or violence and have a tenancy issue.

Who we support

Support is provided to anyone who lives in Carmarthenshire, who have a tenancy and have a housing related support need.  In addition to addressing the tenancy need we aim to develop skills and confidence through emotional and practical support to live as independently as possible.  You may need this support if you

  • Been unable to remain in or return to your home due to domestic abuse, stalking & harrassment, emotional or controlling behaviours by your intimate partner
  • Have been living in refuge and need support to settle into new accommodation
  • You are thinking of leaving an abusive relationship

Our Support

Support can help in a number of ways.  It is always based on an your needs and ambitions.  Our key workers will never tell you what to do they understand each person is an expert on themselves and they respect and value this.  The frequency of support is decided between you and your Key Worker.

Examples of how we can help you include:

  • Listening, hearing your story and not judging you in any way
  • Support you to with staying safe
  • Improving safety at your home, personal safety when you are out and about or finding a new home
  • Signposting and Supporting you to access legal services for help with child contact issues and non-molestation orders
  • Helping you access any benefits, managing your money and unravelling any debt issues
  • Increasing your understanding of the nature, effects and impact of domestic abuse
  • Providing opportunities for you to engage with support around education, health and well-being
  • Support you to access other opportunities such as volunteering, learning or employment
  • Advocacy - helping you to get your views heard at appointments and meetings with other agencies
  • Helping you settle into a new area, supporting you to access local services and groups
  • Signposting to other agencies

How does the support work

We will listen to you and make an appointment for a longer conversation.  We will find out in this first appointment what you need help with and how much support you would like. 

If the support you need meets the criteria for Floating Support you will be allocated a key worker who will be your main point of contact throughout your support.  

If the support you need does not meet this criteria we will endeavour to support you through our other services.

We will develop a plan with you so you are clear on what we are helping you to achieve.  We will meet regularly, this could be in person, over the phone or video call, to listen to what is happening, update on actions and work together to find solutions to problems.

Our Support Charter sets out what you can expect from us. 

What next

Please contact us to talk to us about what is happening to you.