Safety Plan

Remember in the event of an emergency call 999

Carmarthen Domestic Abuse Services 01267 234725 (24 Hour – Helpline)

Live Fear Free 0808 801 0800 (24 Hour Helpline)

Prepare an emergency leaving strategy if you are leaving an abusive situation immediately:

  • If possible, leave when the abuser is not around.
  • Take all of the children and some of each child’s favourite possessions (where appropriate).
  • Take personal belongings, benefit, bank and legal documentation.
  • Bring essential family medicines.

Prepare a leaving strategy:

  • Know where the nearest telephone is located.
  • Know where refuge / safe accommodation can be sought.
  • Make a list of emergency and other important numbers – store them in your mobile phone.
  • Save money for bus or taxi fares.
  • Obtain an extra set of keys to your home and car.
  • Pack an emergency bag – take enough clothes, including school uniforms and children’s favourite possessions (where appropriate). Put the bag in a safe place or give it to a friend or relative you can trust.
  • Plan an escape route out of your home teach this to your children.
  • Consider when it is best to leave. It is important to try to take all of the children with you.
  • Keep important documents together e.g. benefit books, medical cards, certificates, bank books, legal orders, etc.
  • Keep a note of the family’s essential medicines and have an immediate supply available.



Remember in the event of an emergency call 999